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  • This lists the classes that are available on CyberWitchcraft.

  • This course, taught by Wyn Summerhawk, is based on her book of the same name.

    This is a full year-and-a-day course, that will teach the student the basics of Eclectic Witchcraft.

    It is suggested that only students who are serious about learning Witchcraft attempt this course, as it is a college level class that is intended to teach the student aspects of The Craft that are not usually presented during the first year.


    I’m called Wyn Summerhawk, among other things. I’ve got a great forget-ery, for all those beautiful creative pseudonyms Neo-pagans adopt. I have this trick I rarely use, but tell everyone I do. When someone approaches whose face I recognize, but I haven’t got a clue what their name is I ask: “What are you calling yourself now?” They might answer, “Oh, I haven’t picked a name yet. I’m still Susan.” Myself…I change my name on a whim.

    I’ve been kicking around for half a century and change. I’ve been teaching the Craft (and being taught it by students) for about fifteen years. I’m not really a writer, but the material was worth putting down on paper. I am an artist, but not great with the technology. I’ve been using a computer to paint these pictures, so my illustrations might look a little like a kid drew them. That’s ok. I love kid art.

    I share my home with my beloved Viking, and one old cat named Demetrius Wick de la Cappuccino. He snores.

    Wyn Summerhawk

Site news

Picture of Ken Biles
We are up and running!
by Ken Biles - Tuesday, 10 November 2009, 04:19 PM

Welcome to the CyberWitchcraft Learning and Social Center. We are just starting out, but soon you will be able to attend on-line classes, as well as take part in the Community Forums, and Voice Chat.

At the moment, just the Forums and Voice Chat are available, along with the Library.

The Forums are the standard format, where you read messages that others have left, and leave messages of your own.

Voice Chat is an exciting concept where you can actually talk to other people around the world. You talk to them, and hear their replies, using a microphone and speakers attached to your computer.

The Library has hundreds of books on Occult topics.

Take time, look around, and enjoy yourself!

Also, don't forget to create your profile so other members can get to know you. You can edit your profile, add a picture, anything you like, by simply clicking on your name at the top right corner of the page.

Ken Biles

This area of CyberWitchcraft is set up as a center for Community and learning. It is our goal to supply the online Pagan Community with the best over all courses to learn from.

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